Why We Exist

The Strength App was created to give all athletes access to elite performance training.

Athletes with limited training resources tend to adopt non-specific generic training methods they either learn from teammates, trainers, or from the internet. Unfortunately, these training methods are not tailored to their existing physical abilities leading to counter-productive training, potential injury, and wasted time.

The Strength App was created to fix this dilemma by providing athletes a tailor-made training system based on a physical assessment test measuring their full-body strength and conditioning. We believe athletes aspiring to be greater should have zero barriers in accessing elite performance training with programming to train how professional athletes train regardless of race, socioeconomic status, gender, or disabilities.

Strength App Testimonials

What athletes have to say about using the Strength mobile training app.

"The app has been great! I'm on the fourth week of programming and I love it! I can already see improvements in my speed and especially explosiveness."


High School Football Athlete

"I've always liked the programming and the app is nice where I can knockout a workout in 30 minutes."


SWAT Police Officer

"These workouts take me back to my high school days of just going into the weight room and having the coach write up my training. 
We would just do it, no thinking required, made it so easy to just get the work done."

Justin Lee, Former HS Athlete,

Working Professional

"I've been really liking the workouts,
great app!"

Trevor Yamin High School

Basketball Athlete

"Very convenient training app, the best I've seen!"

Billy Fighter Pilot and Former

College Athlete

"Can definitely see this being used for training of new recruits and people deployed as long as they have service."

Brent, Military Special

Operations Commander

"Knowledgeable coaching, positive reinforcement, consistency. My son has been training the SFX way for almost two years now. Loves it... Highly recommend."

Chad Slater, Parent of SFX Athlete

"I highly recommend. Safety and correct form are first and foremost and works with your level. I saw a noticeable difference in my energy level and stamina after only a few weeks."

Randy, SFX Athlete

"I love them they're really good workouts, exactly what I was needing."

Reese Widman, HS Baseball Athlete

"The attention to programming and form are what drew me to SFX."

Angela, SFX Athlete

"SFX emphasizes quality over quantity, which in turn helps prevent injury."

Natalie, Physical Therapist

"The multi-faceted approach of fitness, wellness, nutrition and mobility provided me with a holistic solution to my weight loss and wellness goals."

George, SFX Athlete

"The way the workouts are structured is great because as long as I train two to three days a week I get a well balanced workout."

Jamaal, SFX Athlete

"SFX programming is well-planned, thoughtful and balanced."


SFX Athlete

"Under SFX system I've lost 30lbs and gained a great deal of strength and muscle mass and I look forward to training with it for a long time to come."

Scott, SFX Athlete

"If you're looking in to getting in shape for the Army and special forces training SFX can get you what you need to be successful."

Jeremy, Army Recruiter

"The plan was different than most and I constantly was moving, and different tempos, with a mix of strength and cardio."

Thomas, SFX Athlete

"I’ve never had a better workout and nutrition plan as SFX."

Paul, SFX Athlete

"I’m eating healthier, I’m stronger, my mobility has improved greatly and I continue to make gains."

Danny, SFX Athlete

"Highly recommend if you have a student athlete!"

Misty, Parent of a SFX Athlete

"I can personally vouch for SFX and the training methods. Both my kids love the training and it gets the most out of them. I have seen my son's and daughter's agility, speed, and strength increase dramatically."

Laurie, Parent of SFX Athlete

"I appreciate a program that promotes healthy competition and within safe parameters."

Laura, Parent of SFX Athlete

"Women that haven’t uncovered the secret of strength training have their heads in the clouds."

SFX Member

"I'm just a routine guy and the app fits my routine the best, It also gets me results. I do the app and yoga so that's been working for me great."

Chris Camacho, Working Professional

Free 30-Day Trial

The StrengthApp offers coaches and athletes a free 30-day trial. Available now for download on the Apple Store and Google Play.