SFX Athletes App Is Here!

We have released our online sports training app! It is the world’s first personalized sports performance app. Athletes are able to train anywhere, anytime and utilize our system’s custom made programming to achieve their goals. SFX Athletes is unique to the market and provides personalized programming right at your finger tips.

Why did we create the app? To help bridge the gap between athletes and elite performance. Athletes tend to do what other athletes do. They follow personal trainers, coaches or the internet. This can make training generic and non-specific. Athletes have specific needs and in order to meet them they need a program that’s tailor-made. In comes SFX…

The SFX Athletes app helps increase strength, speed, sport-specific conditioning and mobility. Youth sport injuries are at an all time high. They result in 3.5 million injuries per year. SFX Athletes’ system offers a solution to this epidemic. SFX uses a multi-disciplinary approach that helps athletes increase their strength to bodyweight-ratio. This is relative strength and is one of the best indicators of durability and injury prevention for all athletes.

After athletes sign up for the app, they receive a custom training plan based on their measurements and a strength test. The test measures broad jump distance and plank hold time. With user specific information, the app uses its algorithm to generate their SFX Score. The SFX Score gives athletes a 1-5 star ranking based on the metrics and standards of the SFX system. This system is based off of years of experience training athletes in person.

The star ranking compiles a personalized training program that cycles for 4-weeks, at 4-days per week. Each day the app provides a new workout consisting of 4 movements to be performed for 4 rounds. The training movements are explained through in-app instructional videos featuring Co-Founder and Human Performance Coach, Sam Johnson. After the 4-week training cycle has ended the app will prompt athletes to retake their SFX score assessment test. Next, the app will generate the next 4-week training cycle.

It’s important to realize that everyone has a different body type and level of fitness – especially across various age groups. This is why a training program customized to the individual athlete is vital. SFX Athletes system tests your current strength level through a metric-driven approach and creates a custom training plan for you to follow. The content educates athletes in the fundamentals of performance training combined with nutritional facts and a community of like-minded athletes committed to disciplined, consistent training.

Free 30-Day Trial

The Strength App offers coaches and athletes a free 30-day trial. Available now for download on the Apple Store and Google Play.