Portland, Oregon Natives Launch Mobile App

SFX Athletes is a new training app founded by Sam Johnson and Danny Decker developed to help anyone train like a professional athlete.

Press Release – PORTLAND, Ore. – Jan 27, 2021 – A partnership formed out of a mutual passion for physical training and technology led to the creation of the SFX Athletes app. SFX Athletes mobile app places an emphasis on helping athletes increase their strength, speed, sport-specific conditioning and mobility. Injuries in youth sports are at an all time high across the country resulting in 3.5 million injuries per year. SFX Athletes system provides a solution to this epidemic. SFX uses a multi-disciplinary approach helping athletes train to increase their strength to bodyweight-ratio, also known as relative strength. Relative strength has been proven to be one of the best indicators of durability and injury prevention for athletes at all levels and of all ages.

SFX Athletes is a result of a partnership between co-founders Sam Johnson and Danny Decker, who are both proud Portland natives and Lincoln High School alumni. It’s hard to imagine a better combination of experiences between these two entrepreneurs to bring this business venture to reality.

Sam has operated StrengthFarm as Head Strength Coach, competed in the Crossfit Games, USAW Weightlifting Nationals, and grew up in Portland playing football, basketball, baseball, and track and field. He also served as a Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force conditioning new recruits to withstand the mental and physical rigors of military life. Sam has since adapted his years of experience into a program that has been used to train thousands of individuals on improving their level of fitness including professional athletes such as Chicago Bears Running Back, Ryan Nall.

Danny Decker is a digital marketing veteran who has run his own digital creative agency Harlo Interactive for 16 years and is regularly called upon by both local and national brands to fulfill digital marketing initiatives for their companies.

In 2016, Danny began training with Sam and within the first 30 days of using the SFX system he began to feel a change in his overall strength, conditioning and mobility. Danny said that in the last 4 years of training he has not only benefited physically, but also mentally. According to Danny, the training system evolved his self-discipline, mental toughness and focus abilities. Experiencing the benefits of the training first hand led him to team up with Sam in the creation of SFX Athletes.

With a shared vision of improving athletic performance and helping fight against the epidemic of youth sports injuries through SFX Athletes, Sam and Danny are driven to improve training.

About SFX Athletes

We want athletes everywhere to train how professional athletes train. SFX Athletes is a personalized fitness training program delivered through an easy-to-use app and how-to instructional videos. Our system uses a combination of foundational strength training and pairs it with explosive plyometrics, followed by sports conditioning movements and mobility for injury prevention. To learn more and sign up for a free 30-day trial, visit www.sfxathletes.com.

Danny Decker, Co-Founder / Marketing Director
Email: danny@sfxathletes.com

Source : SFX Athletes

Free 30-Day Trial

The Strength App offers coaches and athletes a free 30-day trial. Available now for download on the Apple Store and Google Play.