Sam Johnson Featured on The Essential Strength Podcast

Sam Johnson is featured this week in The Essential Strength Podcast hosted by David Skolnik. David is the founder and owner of Stronger in Motion. This podcast dives into strength in its many forms – from physical to mental and intellectual to professional.

Sam knows his worth. He knows that he has a system that works, a body of knowledge that is valuable, and he has the track record of success to back it all up. As he said plainly, he doesn’t give a damn what other people think of his methods, because his methods speak for themselves. I’d encourage each of you listening to take time this week to reflect on your areas of expertise, the concepts and skills you’ve poured yourself into and make an effort to give yourself some credit for that work. It’s all too easy to put more stock in what others think of us than what we think of ourselves, regardless of the evidence all around us.

If you’re good at something, or great at something – give yourself the credit you deserve this week!

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